The seven laws of true branding
: A Reflection Truth

Posted on 1 oktober, 2015 by Reflection Company

1. ”Brands” came into existence through the ancient human need to create relationships with everyone and everything around themselves. That means that Brands as a phenomenon was not born as a marketing tool when the market economy as we know it still remained in its cradle – the origin is far older that that. Brands have existed as long as humans have had the capacity to imagine.

2. In the whole universe – there are only three places to build a brand – and that is in the mind, the heart and in the bodily senses of someone. Everything else – logos, websites,  events, products or printed material – is just manifestations and representations. They are signs pointing towards the brand, not the brand itself. The brands exists inside of people, inside of you and me, nowhere else.

3. Branding is taking place when the mind, the heart or the bodily senses are being adressed and connected with. Powerful Branding is happening when those three areas are adressed and are being touched simultaneously. The expression of ”being touched” stems from the experience of someone or something reaching all the way into your ”space” and affecting you.

4. You can not control your brand, it is in constant change together with everyone that has a relationship to it. If you have a brand, and you probably have more brands than you are aware of, the best you can do is to join the process. The world doesn’t care who the formal owner of a brand is, because they feel that the brand they know somehow belongs to them. And of course they are right, because the brand is inside of them. Do you not want to do any branding? Well, the branding will still take place, without your guidance.

5. Every brand is unique by origin. Uniqueness does not have to be created or invented – rather it needs to be rediscovered and uncovered. Because there is a lot of conventional communication and limiting tradition that strips the uniqueness of the brands leaving nothing but a bleak copy of something else. A true branding process is an uncovering of what is really there, not a recoloring of something faded.

6. Since being unique is not an issue, you do not need to focus all your energy on what separates your brand from others, but on what connects your brand with the world. Let your USPs (Unique Selling Points) take a rest for a while and engage with your CSP- Common Selling Point. What is the common ground that your brand can connect with? Few are the companies that have perished because they were not unique enough, many are the companies that have disappeared because they did not connect with the common grounds of their customers and clients.

7. Attention is the life energy of every brand. This is known almost by instinct by most brand owners. Unfortunately, the instinct is partly misinterpreted. To the mature brand, it is not solely or even mainly about ”getting” attention. It is about ”giving” attention.

”What you see in yourself others will see as yourself.”
Linda Nordfors

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