A few words about Art and Branding

Recorded at the conference MATCH15, arranged by KulturERverv at Bremen Teater in Copenhagen.

”The art Linda made to us helps us to show on the outside who we are on the inside, and through that we can attract the skills, the cooperations and the ideas that are so valuable to us.”

// Sensus

“A branding process with art is an uncovering of what is really there, not a recoloring of something faded.”

”The art is far more than a decorations – it is a manifestation of who we are and what we stand for.” // Sensus

Why and when is art interesting as a tool for branding? What qualities can it contribute with and are there any special types of brand that it is best suited to? And when interacting with the ’art world’, are there some things you should be aware of before you even get started?

With external examples as well as a look in to the world of Reflection Company, here is the guide. Art as a tool for branding is a vast area that brand owners with the ambition of being seen and being remembered should have a closer look at.

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