A few words about Art and Branding

Recorded at the conference MATCH15, arranged by KulturERverv at Bremen Teater in Copenhagen, 5 Maj 2015.

”To create something unique is not a challenge, all we need to do is to let the true core of the brand shine through.” Reflection Company

“A true branding process is an uncovering of what is really there, not a recoloring of something faded.”

”The art helps us to show on the outside who we are on the inside, and through that we can attract the skills, the cooperations and the ideas that are so valuable to us.” // Sensus

”The art is far more than a decorations – it is a manifestation of who we are and what we stand for.” // Sensus

”The art that Reflection Company has created for us contributes to our sense of pride and strengthens the identity of our organisation.” // Sensus

Let´s build brands to connect with the world, not to increase the separation… // Reflection Company


With a fresh look upon the world of branding this seminar offers some really crucial eye-openers. For example – being unique is not an issue – so let your USP take a rest for a while and focus on you CSP – Common Selling Point. And the turnaround insight that branding is not totally about getting attention – it is just as much about giving it! Because the truth is that what you see in yourself others will see as yourself!

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Why and when is art interesting as a tool for branding? What qualities can it contribute with and are there any special types of brand that it is best suited to? And when interacting with the ’art world’, are there some things you should be aware of before you even get started?

With external examples as well as a look in to the world of Reflection Company, here is the guide. Art as a tool for branding is a vast area that brand owners with the ambition of being seen and being remembered should have a closer look at.

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This is probably one of the most loved seminars and workshops that Linda Nordfors has ever given. The target group of this theme is anyone who want to fulfill their dream and make a living out of their passion. The Green Square is developed by Linda and offers a method that guides you from finding out what you really want to transforming that into a business strategy with a heart.


The whole concept stems from Linda’s own experience as an entrepreneur and an artist. This concept has been used and appreciated by hundreds and hundreds of creative entrepreneurs. And it fits just as well in big organisations that seek to connect their mission with the passion of their employees. During the end of 2015 this concept will be presented in full scale on a brand new website together with the next step ”The Art of Living Your Brand” which guides entrepreneurs in the art of creating a brand awareness while building their business. (In English and Swedish.)

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With the combination of an engaging energy, sharp theories and striking scenarios the artist Linda Nordfors opens up to a new realm of possibilities.

Branding has evolved from ”what you say” to ”what you do”. This is the next step – now branding is all about who you are. This is an approach to branding that few can remain untouched by.

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