Our Vision: Connected, True and Conscious brands

Posted on 10 mars, 2015 by Reflection Company

Our vision is a world filled with connected, true and conscious brands.

With connected we mean:
> A connected brand is a brand that develops a contributing, alert and responsive relationship to the common grounds that they share with clients, owners, co-workers and partners. (Read more and find your common ground)
A common ground can be an area of knowledge, passion or interest, usually combined with deep rooted values or ideals of life. It can be something that belongs to the brands heritage or a sparkling ingredient of their future vision.
> This gives the brand a deeper knowledge about their own context and gives them an enhanced position amongst the ones with which they chose to coexist with.
> We contribute to this by looking, asking, listening and visualizing. With art we support the connection process by giving form to the formless, creating density to what before was merely an idea, concept or a thought.

Sometimes our clients know that they have common grounds, but they do not connect with them in an aware and strategic manner, at least not as strongly as they wish.

With true we mean:
> A true brand is an brand that is honest, transparent and sincere about who they are and why they are.
> This helps the brand to attract the right kind of people and to deepen the relationship with their clients. It helps them to include their co-workers in supporting the good intentions that the brand owners openly have declared.
> We support this by helping our clients to show on the outside who they are on the inside. This doesn’t mean that the brand owners need to have all the answers or know all the brand-platform-buzzwords. It can simply be by showing what they believe in – or what they are aiming for – and what kind of questions they encounter on the way.

With conscious we mean:
> A conscious brand is aware of and concerned with the impact that the brand activities have on people, pennies and the planet. This includes a sustainable approach, of course, and it goes far beyond that. Being a conscious brand means embracing both a manner underpinned by strong self esteem and relating to the world with an open heart.

> A brand that is fully conscious no longer does things to accomplish something else further ahead. It is conscious of itself and the contemporary world and can do nothing else but to relate to what is in a loving way. This does not mean it stops to act, attract and influence. This does not mean it stops to generate value that can benefit the brand owners as well as the customers. Quite the opposite. A fully conscious brand has the power to magnify any event or product it embraces. Because the rest of the world, aware of it or not, recognizes the conscious essence and is attracted by it.

> We encourage this process by reflecting the brand’s true Self back to itself. This is an inescapable part of all our art projects and that is really why we call ourself Reflection Company. To us, a brand is a living and receptive entity. It has the potential to become anything that we mirror back at it, so let´s reflect with grace and care.

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