Posted on 1 mars, 2015 by Reflection Company

Name: Sugar for my Honey
Partners: Armani, Bianco Footwear, JC and Malaco with the brands Läkerol and Ahlgrens bilar
Artist: Linda Nordfors

In short: The story of Sugar for My Honey is all about the human trait of adorning ourselves with accessories and how that rudimentary habit arouses feelings of lust, shame and a sometimes unceasing drive for more. The exhibition was based on interviews with individuals who had different accessories as their passion; shoes, bags, ties, cellphones, jewelry and spectacles. The main artists´ material was candy whose captivating beauty created huge publicity. When the project was finished the value of the publicity was estimated to more than 4 MSEK without even being able to value the TV-time hence the project got attention from the Swedish noncommercial TV-channels. The project used nearly 400 kilo of candy.

The Sugar for My Honey-project was initiated by Linda Nordfors who invited the brands for a join venture. First the exhibition took place in Stockholm during Stockholm Fashion Week winter 2005, and the following year it was shown at the art gallery Virserums Konsthall in Småland, Sweden.

One off-spring from this project was that the lamp made with shoes from Bianco Footwear was shown at the big design exhibition Formex in Stockholm during the following year.

In the words of the artist:
I fell in love with candy as artist material because of its blend of striking beauty and unpretentious design. It is also tinted with some kind of ambivalence, we want it, we buy it, and still a part of us thinks we shouldn´t. It reminds me of how our relation to accessories at first glance can seem banal and maybe a bit irrelevant, but at a closer glance it tells a whole lot about human behavior. Sugar for My Honey is not a story about fashion but about passion, obsession and our need to extend our persona to objects that come to mean a great deal to us.

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