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Name: The Shape of Thoughts, 
Branding art at the conference center Sensus Möte (Sensus meeting) Stockholm, Sweden.
Client: Sensus Study Association with their conference center Sensus Möte.
Artist: Linda Nordfors

In short:
The mission was to make the conference space live and breathe the Sensus brand – without showing a single logo. It was the inner space of the brand that needed an outer manifestation, with emphasis on the core values Livsfrågor, Mångfald and Globala frågor.
All in all it included 11 conference rooms, meeting and mingling areas, toilets, staff kitchen and a few specially designed artpieces disguised as furniture.

In the words of the client:
”The art that Reflection Company has created for us contributes to our sense of pride and strengthens the identity of our organisation. Over and over again the art gives us the possibility to tell our story, and to hear the story of others. It strengthens our external relationships with visitors, member organisations and guests, because it creates a dialogue with the ones we are here for. The art helps us to show on the outside who we are on the inside, and through that we can attract the skills, the cooperations and the ideas that are so valuable to us. The art is far more than a decoration – it is a manifestation of who we are and what we stand for. The value of that is hard to estimate.

With the art from Reflection Company we wanted to create a interface between the world and the values of Sensus. I think that has succeeded. We know that the meetings take place every day, between people and between the art and the people. To learn is to train the ability to interpret, reflect, add knowledge to knowing. To shift perspective. That can take place when many senses are activatvated; people need to meet and knowledge needs to be shared. The conference center Sensus möte wants to be an arena for all that. The branding art that Nordfors created helps us be exactly that.” /Fredrik Hedlund, 
Manager Relations and Market, in charge of Sensus Möte.

In the words of the artist:
”When I work with a brand I want to ”become one” with it. I need to be it, and then the brand manifests itself through me. When it comes to the work I did with Sensus and their conference center Sensus Möte, there is so much to tell and still nothing really needs to be said. I want to thank them for letting me into their sphere of knowledge and values. It was such an adventure to be in close dialogue with them, they cared so much for what I created for them, and still there was a warm space and respect for both me and the process.” /Linda Nordfors

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Creative team and subcontractors:
Furniture: Västerås Möbelhantverk
Construction/CAD: Anders Lindell
Photo: Per Myrehed
Wallpaper printing: Your Wallpaper
Textile printing: Tobex

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