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Name: Queen of Care
Client: SCA with the brands Libresse and Tena
Artist: Linda Nordfors

In Short: These wearable art pieces are created from sanitary towels for menstruation and incontinence. Through the astonishing beauty and spectacular design of the pieces they capture attention wherever they are displayed and they are remembered and spread through social media by the audience who want to share their experience. SCA displays the pieces, both as installations and worn by models, at such events as B2B-fairs, recruitment events and annual meetings. Today they are placed in the entrance lounge of SCA at their head office in Stockholm, Sweden.

The story:
The first wearable art of sanitary towels for SCA was created in 2002. The original idea came from the artist Linda Nordfors herself. She was then creating a fashion show for the Swedish NGO Kvinna till Kvinna (Women to women). On the catwalk she wanted a creation of sanitary towels to symbolize the importance of knowledge about female needs in areas torn by war and conflict. A part of the message from Kvinna till Kvinna is that through a sometimes unreflected male dominance in the structures of rebuilding a society, the aspects and needs of women are forgotten or simply not understood.

Through the years, Reflection Company and Linda Nordfors have created three generations of wearable art for SCA. The piece Queen of Care was completed in autumn 2013.

In the words of the artist:
”I really couldn’t help myself, I fell in love with the sanitary towels as art material. Not only for their usually unnoticed beauty and untouched softness, but also because few everyday materials have such a strong connection with the theme of intimacy, womanhood and the feminine aspect.
Instead of putting the little box of sanitary towels in another little box and hiding it away in the bathroom, this art piece turns the inside to the outside, transforming the hidden to the exposed, making a sometimes embarrassing issue into a conversation object.”

Photograph (other than Linda Nordfors): Thea Marlene Magnussen
Model: Samantha Braun
Make-up: Jennie Baggström Palm
Coordinator: Johanna Thofelt

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